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housing I climate

The architecture, as well as the settlement of the city, belongs to the place. In the attempt to attend to the natural morphological and climatic conditions, this maxim becomes a determining factor in the search for contributing to the creation of living spaces that are suitable for life. The interaction with the sun is, therefore, one of the first conditions in the project. Each house is a laboratory in search of the variable approach to the sun and local materials, to generate architectural solutions, combining energy efficiency with rigorous and careful implementation.

The control of light and ventilation is a strategy to control the illuminated and shaded areas, optimizing, through location and orientation, the incidence and distribution of light, in order to obtain optimal performance in quantity and quality of light. It is also a strategy to generate intermediate interior-exterior places, combining spaces of climate regulation - microclimates - and spaces of coexistence, used for gathering, as decompressors of the house, as well as places to contemplate and frame the landscape.

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